Deep Fork Foods LLC

Cyndi Stewart

3099 Herrick Road, Okmulgee, OK 74421

Deep Fork Foods is an award winning condiment and snack company. We make all items in small batches to ensure quality and consistency every time. With three brands: Deep Fork Pecans, Jumpin' Jack's and Small Town Spice, we are a little sweet up front, but will bite you on the backside...

Deep Fork Foods LLC

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Product List

Deep Fork Pecans:  Almond Kettle Crunch, Cowboy Kettle Crunch, Jalapeno Pecan Crunch, Pecan Kettle Crunch

Jumpin' Jack's:  Candied Jalapenos, Chipotle-Lime Sauce, Honey Mustard, Black Magic Powder, Cowboy Magic Powder, Dragon Magic Powder, Jamaican Magic Powder, Bacon-Nator Dip Mix, Choco-Cheesecake Dip Mix, Dilly of a Dill Dip Mix, Feisty Fiesta Dip Mix, French Onion  Dip Mix, Harvest Spice Dip Mix, Key Lime Pie Dip Mix, Nutty Buddy Dip Mix, Rockin' Ranch Dip Mix

Small Town Spice: Mild Pepper Butter, Medium Pepper Butter, Hot Pepper Butter, Sweet Hot Jalapeno Mustard Sauce

Karmella Toffee Company: Toffee

A complete list of retail locations our products are sold can be found on our website.

Where to Buy

Where to Buy

We don't guarantee the product is still available at any of these locations. We recommend calling the retail store to ensure product availability.